Map Thassos, Routest Thassos
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Map Thassos, Routes Thassos

    In order to reach Thassos Island you can take the following routes. The first Thassos route is Kavala - Prinos via ferry boat from Kavala. This Thassos route takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes by boat or 40 minutes with the dolphin.

    The second Thassos route is Keramoti - Limenas (capital of Thassos) via ferry boat from Keramoti. This Thassos route takes 40 minutes.

    You can come to Thassos by flying to Kavala International Airport "Alexander the Great" and go to Keramoti by bus or taxi and cross the sea.

    Below you can see a map of Thassos with the exact location of the airport and the ports.