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Attractions Thassos

~ Thassos island alternative guide ~

    Places to visit in Thassos Island : Acheological Museum (Limenas) open daily from 8.00 - 15.00 exept monday, tradational village (Panagia), Polygnotos Vagis Museum (Potamia) open daily 10.00 - 13.00 / 18.00 - 20.00, Archangel Michael Moastery open daily, Traditional Village Theologos, Ypsario Mountain - Maries Lake, Traditional Pottery (Limenas) open daily, Folklore House (Kalogeriko Limenas open daily / Theologos (on request 030 2593025930), Old Harbour (Limenas), Round the Island Boat.

    Beaches you should not miss on Thassos island : Psili Ammos, Paradise, Aliki, Golden Beach, Pachis, skala Potamia, Giona (natural pool Astris), Vathi Beach (Limenas), skala Prinos, Potos.

    Things to buy from Thassos Island : olive oil and olives, wine, handmade ceramics, herbal and tea, honey, marble stone sculptures, traditional fig and walnut sweet, handmade jewelry, olive oil soap, ouzo and tsipouro.

    Never Bored on Thassos Island.

    For the nature and sport lovers Thassos Island can offer a variety of high quality activities each offering a unique experience !

    Trekking and hiking. Following the mountains paths, you will be surprised to realize that they connect all the villages. The mountain peak of Ipsarion, 1204m high, will reward you with an absolutelly beathtaking view.

    Mountain biking. From the beach to the hills and from goat trails to the asphalted road, bikers can live an enthusiastic and challenging ride ! Bicycles are available to many bike hire shops around Thassos Island.

    Scuba diving. An exiting experience for those who love the under sea world. Spend half day, diving in the cleanest sea of North Greece and discover its hidden treasures. Authorized diving schools around Thassos Island, provides you equipment and sessions (Limenas, skala Prinos, Pefkari, Potos).

    Ride a horse. On Thassos Island you can enjoy horse riding on the mountains or at the beach. Experienced trainers offer horse riding lessons and pony trekkig for children ! (Prinos and Theologos).

    Water sports. Banana riding, water skiing, wind surfing, parasailing, jet skiing are some of the water sports that will drive your adrenaline high ! Organized water sports can be found in Golden Beach, Pahis, skala Rachoni, Pefkari, Potos, Psili Ammos beach.

    Sailing and yachting. Imagine yourself flying over the waves of the aegean sea, with the sound of the wind in the sails ... feel welcome on an isolated and inaccessible by land bay and revive your senses ... There are fully equipped sailing boats, in Thassos town and Limenaria.

    Have you ever imagined yourself swimming in the turquoise water of a sandy beach ? Make your dreams come true, enjoying a cruise around Thassos Island. There are many organized boat trips, you can choose. Additionally there are small boats just for you and your beloved ones. (Limenas, Prinos, Golden Beach, Limenaria, Potos)

    Do you like fishing ? Thassos Island is the best place for your hobby ! Angling or spearfishing you can catch a variety of fish like mackerel, sea bream, red mullets, sea bass, octopus. We recommend you to watch the local fishermen and win from their experience !

    Thassos Island culture and events.

    Kalogeriko Limenas, in this magnificent building of the 19th century, Thassian folklore museum and the "House of the Minor Asia Greek immigrants" are hosted. Every year between June and September a variaty of cultural events and art exhibitions are organized in the frame of Thassos festival.

    Kazavitiana is a local festival in Kazaviti vilage, including theatre plays, live music concerts and folklore dancing events, organized at the end July and August.

    Astrokamping. Every year during summer, Ipsario, the highest mountain of Thassos Island is hosting hundreds of campers ! After 22:00 the lights are off and the stars are shinning over. The meeting is organized by the Friends of Astronomy association of Eastern Macedonia. Observe and photograph the start of summer sky and let your children attend educational and cultural workshops.

    Honey festival : no one leaves Thassos Island without a jar of honey ! The honey festival is organized on the first week of August in Prinos, with traditional dances and live music. Try for free local foods, sweets and winery and feel the meaning of the thasian hospitality.

    Thassian wedding. Every year, in mid of August you have the chance to be part of the thassian tradition. In Theologos village the traditional thassian wedding is prepared for a whole week, starting with the preparation of the bride and the groom and ending with an overnight party !

    Thassos Island is the northernmost island of Greece, opposite the coast of eastern Macedonia and belongs to the Prefecture of Kavala. It is connected with the mainland, by three different routes : Prinos Kavala 12 nautical miles on routes operated by passenger - ferries (ferry boats), that takes about 65 minutes, Limenas - Keramoti distance is six mile route to ferry boats at a time approximately 35 minutes. The abundance of coastal lies in connection with the regulalarly schedules and zero waiting time of passengers, the fact is in minimum distance from the airport Keramoti (10 minutes) and the use of road Egnatia, make clear, that Thassos Island is an easily accessible destination from throughout mainland Greece and throughout Southern Europe.

    The surface of Thassos Island is 380 square miles full of olive, pine, fir trees, from the tops of the mountains to velvet beaches of the coastline of 115 km. Circumferential road network is in excellent condition and in combination with the forest road can anyone explore the last corner of Thassos Island.

    Ancient Areas Thassos Island.

    Limeas - First of all we should mention that the first colonists from Paros where settled here, in 680 BC. The visit in the ancient city starts from the old harbor, which it is considered to have been created from the 4th century BC, and is continued in the market, which was the "heart" of the city. In the area of the market you can see buildings from different times, since the place was used for a very long time. Characteristically, we mention the statue of Glaukos (7th century BC), public buildings of the Roman Era, vasiliki (5th century AD), a medieval fortress wall (14th century AD) etc. Exept from the market area and while strolling in Limenas, you can see : the altar of Poseidon, the gate of Zeus and Hera, the gate of the godness, the gate of Hermes and the graces etc. It would be a natural omission not to menttion the great ancient theater (5th cent. BC) in Limenas, which after many subsequent configurations is used for shows and cultural events in summer. The theater is build in a natural cavity of the hill, and if you want to go there you will have to walk many stairs. The view from the area of the Theater, especially in the nighttime, will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

    Alikes - In Aliki, apart from the clean blue waters someone can also visit the archeological area that includes the church that was founded in the 7th century BC. The adoration in churches was contionued until the first christian years, as they testify the archeological discoveries. In the elevation, before the quarries, there is a buildings group that is mainly constituted from two vasilikes. This building is likely build after the half of 5th century AC. Beyond the vasilikes, the path that guides you to the ridge of hill, leads to the ancient quarries, where became the excavation of eminent marble of Thassos Island.

    Museums Thassos Island.

    Limenas - Archeological museum of Thassos, is build near the ancient market. In the museum are kept and exposed archeological finds of unique richness and diversity of the 7th century BC until the seventh century AD. It is considered one of the most important provincial museums in Greece. Great findings from the paleolithic until the roman era, with the utmost care, tell the story of one of the most significant civilizations of Aegean. At your entrance in museum, you will be impressed by the huge kouros statue, which was intended to move to the temple of Apollo, you will "meet" the way of life from different historical periods that marked Thassos island and admire the creations and the culture of the first inhabitants.

    Potamia - In the Vagi Museum, which is located in the center of the village and is dedicated to the famous sculptor Polygnotos Vagi (1894-1965) who distinguished himself in America and discussed the technique of direct carving on a variety of stones, you can admire works of the artist.

    Limenas - or else Thassos, is the capital of the island and it's the center of where you can find shops and many services. In Limenas you find many hotels, rooms to let, restaurants, bars, super markets, shops with local art and you'll have a very comfortable stay.

    There are lots of beaches in Limenas. The most important of them are : Glikadi, is a very beautiful bay with blonde sand, very clean and has no deep sea, Papalimani is a beautiful beach full of trees, Glifada, a beach that is in Limenas with a beautiful beach, white sand and beautiful trees. Nysteri area has a beautiful blue sea. Saint Bill is a beach that is in a beautiful physical area. Vathi's beach is a magnificent beach but it's not very well known by the tourists. The Old Port is the most popular and organized place at Thassos, has the most clean beach, and has been awarded with a blue flag. Makryammos also awarded and a very well known beach.

    In Limenas are located two churches, Saint Nicolaos and Agia Trida. You can visit the chapels of the area. These are : Saint Basil, Agioi Apostoloi, Saint Maria, the Prophet Elijah, Agion Taksiarhon, St. Dimitrios and St. Stephen.

    Panagia Thassos Island.

    The virgin Mary (Panagia) was the old capital of Thassos Island. One of the most picturesque villages with stone roofs, running water and magnificent views. The streets of the village are also made of stone and the traditional character of the village makes visitors to see another view of Thassos Island.

    The Church of the Virgin Mary. The chruch is a Vasiliki with tall octagonal dome, with three wings of semi-circular domes. The temple is carved and decorated by craftmen from Volos and has five entrances. The church has all the features of Byzantine churches of Kastoria. The walls arebuild of marble from the ruins of ancient temples. A picture, dating from 1814, depicting the Virgin Mary located in the church.

    On August 15 of each year, a great festival taking place, in honor of Virgin Mary and the homonym church.

    Golden Beach Thassos Island.

    Skala Panagias or else Golden Beach is the seaport village of Panagia. linked closely with the village of Skala Potamias where in recent years with high rates of reconstruction tend to unite the two settlements. At Skala Panagias are many restaurants, cafes, mini markets, crafts, etc.

    The golden sandy beach is an endless, well organized with golden fine sand and crystal clear shallow waters and is also awarded with two blue flags.

    In the area there are the chapels of Agia Kyriaki and Paraskevi.

    Poramia Thassos Island.

    Build at the foot of the highest mountain of Thassos, the Ypsarion mountain, it is a lovely village with beautiful views. The visitor can have very peacefully and relaxing moments. The traditional houses and old churches and the narrow streets which create a stunning landscape of relaxation can offer you all you need for your vacations.

    In Potamia is the church of Isodion of Virgin Mary. Yet, there is also the church of the Old - Agion Aargyron.

    You can visit also the chapel of the Congregation of the Angels, St.John, ST.Raphael, St.George, ST.Demetrios and the Life - Giving Source.

    Skala Potamias Thassos Island.

    Skala Potamias, build in a bay at the northeastern tip of the Island, is one of the favorite destination of Thassos. Large area, many hotels, many more shops of all kinds, great beach and well organized and all that under the colorful and lush forests that make up the resort.

    The entire coast of Scala Potamias is affordable and clean and some parts have no trace of stones or pebbles, which many swimmers like. The organization of this beach is great. Here are the chapels of ST.Nicholas and that of ST.Daniel at the Island Gramvousa.

    Kinira Thassos Island.

    Kinira settlement is located at the est side of Thassos island and it is a beautiful area with great historical heritage and an ancient name taken from an ancient homonym goldsmith. At the settlement you will find a lot of taverns and other shops for souvenirs. In the area is located the chapel of Agias Triadas.

    Nature here is in great harmony with the serene sea and toghether, they compose a splendid landscape that unfolds in very big length with the sand and the pebbles vary permanently.

    Paradisos Thassos Island.

    It may be the most famous beach of Thassos Island. Certainly the most organized and it is sure that the visitor will want to be there again. It is also known as a nudist beach while nudists from around the world go there, a little far away from people eyes.

    Just from the name one is able to understand that it has to do with one of the best areas of Thassos Island. Crystal clear water. Shallow sandy beach. Breathtaking views of Thassos Island green mountain. Excellent organization and service, from the business which is in the area, and it owes its name to the location.

    Alikes Thassos Island.

    One of the most known and with great visits, place, of Thassos Island. In Alykes or else Alice, are combined harmoniously beaches, taverns and archaeological sites.

    The area is separated in two beaches and both of them are splendid in an also very beautiful bay.

    The only thing you have to do is to choose, if you go to the northerner side of the beach, that is quieter and calmer or in the southerner side that is more secular but also more organised with taverns by the sea. In your way to Potos, you will meet two, also marvellous, beaches but not so much developed. These are the beaches of Thymonias and Archangel.

    Few kilometres after Alykes, on your way to Potos, you can visit the monastery of Archangel, which is build in a beautiful locality on a steep rock. In the monastery, is kept a piece of a nail, which is, as it's said, one of the nails that Christ been crossed. Uder the monastery, next to the sea there is a cave with holy water which is believed that is has miraculous and therapeutical attributes.

    Psili Ammos Thassos Island.

    Magnificent, sandy beach not very deep sea in a great, full of trees zone.

    Astris Thassos Island.

    It is a smalls ettlement which is located in south - eastern of Thassos island and has an extremely natural beauty. It is a place that offers you the adventure of exploration and gives, all the visitors, very strong emotions, to remember.

    You will find : Beach Astris - also an organized and wonderful beach with golden sand.

    Salonikos beach - the most splendid sunset beach on Thassos. Green Trees, red sand and blue sea in a perfect combination.

    Potos & Pefkari Thassos Island.

    The "must" destination of nightlife on the island of Thassos. If you don't go to bed easilly at night, then one of the best sports, in summer, in Thassos, is Potos. Of course you can visit Potos even if you are with your family because it is quite big village with lots of places to visit, and visitors can choose whether to go at one of it's more peaceful or more busy spots.

    Potos Beach. Crowded beach with clean sand and well organized, just perfect for everyone.

    Agios Antonios Beach. In recent years is incresingly and being organized. Wonderful beach with calm waters. Pekary - basically exept from a beach, Perfkari is a whole settlement, not lacking anything. Idyllic environment with great beach and pine trees by the sea. Rosogkremos Beach - another secret beach of Thassos Island with its unique and genuine beauty.

    The church Koimiseos of Theotoke is located in Potos, on the way to Perfkari. You can visit the chapels of ST. John at the settlement's cemeteries, St. Nicholas and St. Anthony.

    Theologos Thassos Island.

    Between the mountains of Thassos Island, is build a mountain vilalge names Theologos. It is a traditional mountain village with beautiful landscapes and high natural beauty, which keep the tradition and the culture of the past. Dense vegetation and the crystal waters are making a special scenery. Houses are constructed with the traditional macedonian architecture with stone roofs. Theologos, is also famous for the amazing spit goat which you can find at the local taverns.

    Theologos was the capital of Thassos Island from 1813 to 1902. In Theologos there are two parishes with their churches which are St. Dimitrios and ST. Paraskevi. A lot of chapels are at the area. The most kown are St. Nikolaos, Panagouda, Saints Archangeton, Koimiseos of Virgin Mary, Saint John, agias Tridas, Sanit John Theologou, Agion Anargiron, Agias Marinas, Profit Elijah which is in mountain Hipsarion.

    Limenaria Thassos Island.

    The village Limenaria, with the settlement Kalyvia that it is the continuation of it, is from the knownest and most developed destinations of Thasso Island. First residents of Limenaria, were workers from the old village Kastro while existed elation of population with the arrival of refugees from the M. Asia. Is the second biggest billage afterwards the capital Limenas, and that's why Limenaria has great infrastructure. In every corner of Limenaria you will find all kinds buildings.

    The beach of Limenaria extends in a big area, is organised, with sand, small pebbles and crystal waters. Also, there is the beach of Matallelwn and the beach of Trypiti. The first one is on the road to Potos and the other. in your way to Maries, and both of them are beautiful and well organized.

    You can also visit the laboratory of artist and scultor mr. Lovoulou, admire his creations and talk to him. In 2003 passed oe century from when the German company Spindel with enormous workforce, set up the installations of excavation and treatment of iron and metal in Limenaria.

    Visit the coast of Metalleiwn, that was the place where the boats, empty in the ovens, the mineral for treatment, which afterwards was charged in boats for Germany. Then, it was build Palataki, that you can see from the beach but also visit it. Which was the office of the German company, while today it is preservable. Also you can visit the old village Kastro, which is a destination for the locals to rest.

    At Limenaria there is the church of Metamorfosws of Saviour, and at Kalivia you can visit the church of Saint George.

    In the area you can visit chapels of Saint Grigorios, Sanint Nikolaos and that of Eyaggelismoy of virgin Mary. In Kalivia are found those of Saint Dimitrios, Saint Eleftherios and Virgin Mary and at Kastro you can visit the chapels of Saint Athanassios, Prophet Elijah and Saint Strati.

    Maries & Skala Maries Thassos Island.

    In the center of the village there is the church dedicated to the Synaxis of the Archangels build in 1800. Going to the skala Maries, between the two villages, there is the monastery of Panagouda. According to the religious tradition, pirates pillages and massacred the inhabitants at the old chapel Panagouda whilst from their looting only the miraculous image of Holly Mary was saved and was found many years later, hidden, nearby in a bush on the location where the monastery is currently situated. According to another tradition two women, names Mary, were sparred from the slaughter, ad that's why the name of the village is Maries, while in another version, the name is due to the many mulberry, trees that existed in the area.

    Don't forget to visit the artificial lake of Maries, full of marshy plants and look for the small waterfall that looks as if it was taken from a photo-album.

    Skala Maries. Genuine pictures of a fishing village, great and delicious seafood prepared with traditional recipes and cooking secrets of the place. Idyllic environment ideal for family holidays away from the hassle of bustle of the city.

    At Skala Maries you will meet three sandy beaches ideal for family outings and for young children to play. One beach is just below the restaurants and cafes while the other two, most isolated, in the entrance and exit of the village.

    Kallirachis & Skala Kalirachi Thassos Island.

    Kallirachi is one big mountainous village, with amazing ad enchanting view to Kavala, builted in a mountainside full of pines. According to narrations of elders, Kallirachi, was created by the residents of the old village of Kaki Rachi, which been looted and destroyed by the pirates.

    Along the coast you will find Skala Kallirachis, just 2 km away from Kallirachi village which is the port of it. The area, in recent years, has increased the tourism development and has an ideal climate, picturesque taverns, bars, cafes and several business establishments.

    Small beaches dispersed along the shoreline waiting for swimmers to conquer them. Calm sea, fishermen huts compose the immensity of the vast coastline.

    Sotiros & Skala Sotiros Thassos Island.

    The village is in 380m high, build and it may be the only village on Thassos Island that people have never destroy it. It's worth it to visit Sotiros and go for a walk on its roads and discover all the beauty.

    At skala Sotiros you can swim to the sandy beach, in the center of town or more isolated retire, if you are looking for something quieter. Several cafes and bars suitable for coffee or a drink where you can gaze a beautiful sunset.

    Beaches- great beach and apart from the main beach there are other smaller ones, and if you search, you can easily discover.

    Prinos Thassos Island.

    The largest village, in the central zone of Thassos Island, is located 17 kilometers from the capital Limenas. Situated 2 km away from the sea and on the ring road of Thassos Island, is not a tourist developed area, however, brings toghether many services and serves the central Thassos Island residents and visitors.

    The monastery of St. Panteleimon was build in 1843 with stones from the nearby mountains. In the southern wall there is a path, that leads to the cave of St.Panteleimon, in which is carved in a rock, a pond that contains holy water with miraculous and thermal properties. Many stories of elder, day miracles of the Saint. The monastery is celebrated on July 27 while the previous hikers, take the icon to the cave, and many visitors from all over Greece hastens to worship the holiness of Saint Panteleimon.

    Kazaviti - Mikro & Megalo - Thassos Island.

    It is about two old villages that when the piracy was thriving, today's Prinou residents and their ancestors, lived in. Nowadays, the bvillages mainly, consist of a tourist resort, mostly inhabited during summer. The restaurants of the area are moreover famous where you can teste uniquely delicious food.

    The visitor must see at Mikro and Megalo Kazaviti the little theater, at Mikro Kazaviti, which hosts various events, the river, especially when it's full of water and the old big plane tree at the center of Megalo Kazaviti.

    Skala Prinos Thassos Island.

    It is the por of Prinos village and the port connecting Thassos Island with the city of Kavala. Off Scala Prinou are the only oil rigs in Greece. In the area there are many shops of all sorts that will sarisfy the most demanding visitor.

    Skala Prinos is the beach which consists of two parts on either side of the harbor with sand to be in the sportlight. Also the beach Dassilio with many pine trees and a large area for every taste whether you like the sand or the pebbles. Please note that both beaches have been awarded the blue flag.

    Rachoni Thassos Island.

    Rachoni village consists of two settlements, namesake who is right as we go up to the village and the one of St. George's that is on the other side. In this settlement, that was in another area, iner of the island, grew Mehmet Ali, later founder of the Egyptian Dynasty.

    Skala Rachoni Thassos Island.

    On the northwest side of Thassos Island into a fertile valley covered with olive and pine trees, is Skala Rachonioy. skala Rachoni is essentially the Port of the village Rachonioy. The beach and the coast is beautiful, with shallow sea and spotless. Tourism in the region has climbed up dramatically, in the recent years and the large size of the region contributed to it. Moreover, some of the largest stores of Thassos Island and some of the best restaurants are located in this region.